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Saturday, July 08, 2006



This set includes:
A BONNE Milk Power Lightening Lotion + Collagen (150ml)- deeply moisturizes, eliminates skin dryness & restores lasting radiance.
A BONNE Spa Milk Power Salt Scrub + Collagen (300g)- makes your skin soft & smooth.
A BONNE� Magic Milk Shower Cream + Collagen & Eucalyptus (15oml)- the rich, moisturizing cream cleans gently and refreshes your skin. The advance formula, filled with Pure Eucalyptus oil, also helps to wash away the stress and promotes peaceful sleep.

A BONNE SPA MILK POWER SALT SCRUB + COLLAGEN (300g) NEW!- an innovation of salt scrub with collagen which offers a triple action. Micronized salt, Allantoin strip away dead surface cells & rough skins. Instantly draw out dirt & impurities and stimulate blood circulation without irritation. Milk Protein restores skin natural balance to get most out of moisturizer. Dermawhite leaves your complexion brighter, refined & more even. The ultimate Collagen extract fades away visible lines & wrinkles and effectively firms the complexion. The minute you apply, your skin�s softness is replenished.

A BONNE MILK POWER TREATMENT SPRAY + LACTOLAN 200ml (for tangle free and lively hair) - Lactolan is a Bio Milk Power, clinically tested for hair and scalp problems. provide nourishment for dry or flyaway hair and for hair that is sensitive to chemicals. Lactolan will repair and strengthen the inner layer of damaged hair. Ginseng and Arnica extract promote hair growth and anti-hair loss. Wheat protein deeply penetrates to replace the protein lost through chemical process.

A BONNE MILK POWER LIGHTENING LOTION + COLLAGEN 500ml - This concentrated milk lotion protects your skin from UV rays and gives it a healthy glow. It is light, non-greasy and easily absorbed into the skin. It is specially formulated with Lacticare Milk Power and Collagen which are gentle to delicate skin. It deeply moisturizes, eliminates skin dryness and restores lasting radiance. Special skin nutrients will stimulate skin cells, giving you a bright and restoring elasticity and firmness. Also available in 250ml refill pack.

A BONNE MILK POWER SERUM VITAMIN + LACTOLAN 200ml (for volume & shine) - This vitamin with Lactolan Milk Power is specially formulated to provide nourishment for dry or flyaway hair and for hair that is sensitive to chemicals. Lactolan is a milk protein extract with concentrated moisturizers that will repair and strengthen the inner layer of damaged hair. It locks in hair moisture, adds shine and volume, reduces tangles, making it more manageable. Vitamin E nourishes and provides protection against chemicals, pollution and free radical.

A BONNE MILK POWER TREATMENT WAX 250ml - Milk and Natural nutrients in this comprehensive formula nourish scalp and root. It contains Lactolan, Vitamin E, Wheat Protein, Ginseng and Arnica, and Milk Protein that repair and strengthen the inner layer of damaged hair.

A BONNE SPA MILK SALT 460 g - Skin whitening product w/ milk formula & natural spa salt benefits, provides nourishment to your skin w/ pure milk & Derma white, Allantoin. It removes dirt deposit & dead skin cells from your body, giving you a new & radiant skin. Also available in 380g refill pack.

A BONNE INTENSIVE VITAMIN HAIR TREATMENT 280g - The concentrated treatment formula that contains Multi Vitamins Complex. Vitamins B5, B6 develop for nourishing hair cells. Its rich moisturizer also serves as hair coat while providing nourishment to hair & scalp. It conditions & prevents dryness & split ends besides adding volume. Preserve its color & protect from heating, UV rays & deeply penetrates to replace protein lost through chemical process.

BONNE LEAVE ON HAIR SERUM 220mL - This new formula of hair nutrients to nourish hair & reserve its color. High nutrient protein is pure natural nutrient, which cares for, conditions & restores health to damaged hair. It protects hair from heat & UV rays.

A BONNE HAIR SPA - The special property of milk protein nourishes w/ nutrients, strengthens hair roots, giving it a healthy & glossy look. It repairs hair cells & guards against damage from UV rays, perming & hair dyes. Its rich moisturizer also conditions & prevents dryness & split ends besides adding volume. Making hair more manageable & easy to set and style.

A BONNE UV MILKY LOTION 200g - It revitalizes skin instantly with Milk Protein, a cream rich in Milk Protein helps keep the skin soft and supple and helps prevent dryness and wrinkling. Be delighted with the silky-smooth soft and radiant feeling.

A BONNE INTENSIVE WHITE LOTION 300mL - Concentrated formula nourishes & protects skin from harsh effects of sunlight, giving you a fair & radiant skin. With Milk Protein (rich w/moisturizer & nutrients helps preserve skin cells, the moisturized skin will feel soft & smooth & never look parched), Yogurt Protein (conditions & lightens the skin tone naturally, giving fresh & young look to the skin) & Soy protein (highly effective in giving skin a lift, reducing wrinkles & restoring elasticity & firmness).

A BONNE SLIM & SHOWER CREAM 300mL- The complete shower for new body shaping & whitening skin formulated w/ exclusive natural complex to condition your skin, makes it smooth & soft to touch.

A BONNE FRUIT YOGURT SPA SALT 300ml - It deeply clean and condition your skin with the natural value of Spa Salt, Pure Milk Protein and Multi-Fruit Yogurt, which developed to be one-step skin care. Leaving skin feeling relax, delicately smooth and moisturizes, stimulating AROMA leave skin refreshed.

BONNE SPA YOGURT SOAP 90g - WONDER PRODUCT FOR A WHITE, RADIANT & WRINKLE FREE SKIN 100% NATURAL FORMULA OF MILK, YOGURT & HERBS. A one- step skin care, which cleanses & nourishes your skin at the same time. Your skin will feel wonderful soft, smooth & lifting after use. Become lightened w/ luminous look, helps reduces wrinkles & tighten hair follicles, eliminates dull looking complexion, freckles & blemishes.



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